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Don't get steamed!

How do I keep the colors looking so vibrant? That's one of my favorite things about silk painting....the colors. They make me feel so alive! Even the movement on the silk feels so real to me. When I first began, I was setting the silk colors by using a chemical set. It only took me a few times before I realized the colors were just washing away leaving me feeling so depressed. I painted them the colors I wanted and presto, they were gone. So again I did some more research and decided that if I could make my own PVC stretcher, then I could make my own steamer. Since I was so new at silk painting, I didn't really want to spend hundreds of dollars buying a steamer. I set off on my next mission. I bought a portable burner, had plenty of large pots that I didn't use for cooking and I bought a piece of heat duct piping. The only thing I couldn't find was a piece to hold the pipe onto the pot. I had to get a plumber friend to make it for me. Once I got that piece I was ready to rock and roll! I keep a rock on top of the cover to put pressure on the towel to keep the steam in. I cut a slit in the pipe on either side to hold a metal coat hanger that the scarves are hanging on. This is my first steamer. I have upgraded to a better induction cooktop burner. It's much more sturdy. It doesn't hurt that my son bought it for me for a Christmas present!


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