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Stretching out!

Every wonder how I get the dye on the silk without making a mess? I did a lot of research and decided that even I could make a stretcher out of PVC pipes! I went to my local Home Depot and bought the pieces brought them home and cut them 3 inches longer and wider then the scarves I was about to paint. I needed to attach the silk to the frame so it would be held above the table so the dye wouldn't puddle on the table. After so many drips of dye on my table, I figured out that a piece of plastic covering the table would help. I went out and bought some plastic curtain liners, cut them in half lengthwise and voila! My table was saved! Not only could I save my table from nasty stains, but I could reuse the liners until they fell apart! I could just throw the dirtied curtain liner in the front load washer on quick wash and hang it dry for the next scarf. Here's a photo of one of the first pictures taken of a scarf stretched out!